Financial Aid

As a foster caregiver, you’ll receive monthly payments to help with the costs of caring for the child in your home. The monthly payment is intended to cover the food, laundry, personal items the child needs while in your home. There is also money for the child’s clothing, allowance, gifts, school supplies, recreational activities and child care as well as any special requirements such as prescription and non-prescription medications, glasses and other items when needed.  Reimbursements are, however, delayed – meaning you’ll spend the money before you get it back.

Here is a breakdown of the types of support available:

Department of Community Services

Foster Care Maintenance Rates for Children in Care

Age Rate per Diem
0-9 $34.00
10+ $42.50


The following quarterly rates are provided as an automatic payment in January, April, July and October:

Age Payment  
0-4 $125.00  
5-9 $194.00  
10+ $272.00  

Spending allowance for children (a) The following monthly rates are provided as an automatic payment:

Age  Monthly  Paid to 
0-5  $10.00 Foster Caregiver 
6-11 $15.00 Foster Caregiver 
12-15 $25.00 Child 
16+  $40.00 Child