Training & Education


Foster caregiving is rewarding but not without its unique challenges. Foster children are often full of conflicting emotions about being in foster care. For example, they may simultaneously feel both guilt and relief for being removed from their families. You can support them as they experience these emotions – but don’t worry. We’re here to help.

We offer foster caregivers many training modules to give them the confidence to handle most situations.

The PRIDE Pre-Service training program helps perspective foster caregivers gain a greater appreciation of what it means to care for a child who is unable to live with his or her own family, the situations you’ll face as a foster caregiver and the child welfare system in general.

After you get approved, and start fostering children, there are many more modules that will help you further develop your knowledge and foster caregiving skills.

PRIDE Training Module Descriptions

Other courses include Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training, which teaches you how to spot the stages of crisis development and the appropriate response, and The Sensitivity Training Program for Foster Families, which teaches families how to respect and value the diversity of the children they are caring for.